The most important information about the gymnasium

Kaunas Rokai gymnasium is a state budgetary institution. The school was founded in 1919 by Kaunas City Municipality. Its type – gymnasium, teaching language – Lithuanian. Code  191090841.

The gymnasium provides primary and secondary education (years 1-12). Its aim is to ensure opportunities for every student to improve their personal abilities and reach higher learning results. It also seeks for students to gain life – long learning competences while paying attention to civil, social and cultural development of the personality. It is a friendly, welcoming school where children are happy and enjoy learning. Attention is given to the recognition of highly motivated students and development of their individual skills. The gymnasium uses many innovative technologies. At the moment there are 20 classes, 470 students. There are 63 people working, among them 37 are teachers. The gymnasium is led by the head teacher Kristina Pažėrienė.

Requests for learning   can be sent electronically via Kaunas City Municipality information system  or coming to the gymnasium  office during week days from 7.45 to 16.30.


Address: Vijūnų  g. 2, LT-46117 Kaunas;

Tel.: (8 37) 43 60 36.

E-mail address:

Office working hours:
I – IV    7.45 – 11.45, 12.15 – 16.30
V          7.45 – 11.45, 12.15 – 15.30

Atnaujinta: 2019-07-09